Death of the Service Clubs

The death of community service clubs in our country
the compensation we have received:

Men who needed a reason for being began clubs like the Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis and several others, so many years ago. This thought kept ringing in my mind …

1. That these men and women felt a need to give something to the community that they lived and worked in.

2. That these men and women felt an obligation to family, home and country.

3. That these men and women were not content just to let someone else carry the load.

Thinking on this, my mind turned to the essay “Compensation” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In his essay, he draws a comparison on many subjects:

  1. Good – Evil
  2. Right – Wrong
  3. Strong – Weak
  4. Life – Death
  5. Moral – Immoral

Today, we hear from many segments of government and the news media that Christians should not have the same rights as unbeliev­ers do, and that homosexuals should have more rights … they want us to believe that evil is good and good is evil.

When the legislators make laws, they exempt themselves from these laws, but place heavy penalties on us if we break them. They call right wrong and wrong right.

They use the power of the government to oppress the weak. They would have you believe that because they have the power of gov­ernment behind them, that they are in the right.

Let’s look at the issues of Life and Death. The United States went to war with Germany during the 2nd World War. They, the Germans, killed some 30 million people before the war came to an end, yet in this country, in the last 50 years, we have killed more than 50 million babies and we call it freedom of choice.

Emerson said that there is compensation in all things and we are now seeing this come to pass in the laws that are on the ballots in many states.

These laws would make it legal to perform euthanasia. Is it not ironic that the generations that were born and raised during these decades, which allowed the killing of babies, are now talking about killing their parents … the very people who allowed the killing of the babies? Their parents didn’t stand up for the right to life. But the generation that is alive now is in the position to stand up for what is right. My question is will they?

Emerson said, “where evil exists, a check to that evil does exist and will appear.” This short story makes the point. It was posted on a sign at his lodging house in the year 1746.

Four pence a night for bed.

Six pence with supper.

No more than five to sleep in one bed.

No boots to be worn in bed.

Organ grinders to sleep in the washhouse.

No dogs allowed upstairs.

No beer allowed in the kitchen.

No razor grinders or tinkers taken in.

Signed: John Michie, Proprietor

In the year of our Lord 1746

Charlottesville, Virginia.

I have included this is to show that when something belongs to you, you have the right to set the rules.

Hear me on this …We the people of the United States own this land, but we have let the politicians make laws which do not represent the will of the people.

It’s our land and we should be the ones to set the laws and hold every one accountable to them, and this includes the politicians.

In 1492, Columbus was called a seaman. He didn’t know where he was going; he had a mutinous crew and was entirely dependent on borrowed money. He didn’t know where he was when he got there. Today, he’d be called a politician.

Emerson’s essay brought to life the fact that all evil will be judged, but the problem we have is that we don’t see the judgment at the time a crime is committed, so therefore, we think there is no judgment, but this is not true.

For we find that the punishment pre-exists in the crime and the flower pre-exists in the seed …You can no more cut something so thin as to leave it bottomless than you can have an inside without an outside.

Just like in the past, when the need for someone to step forward and do the humanitarian services, it was the humanitarian clubs that stepped up, and it will be again, for we do not find the leadership coming from the govern­ment.

I visited Washington D.C. and went through the halls of congress. I came to a door marked Chaplain of the Senate. But looking at the lifestyles of the Senators and Congressmen and the laws they pass, it is plain to see that they do not believe in God.

This left me with one big question: what does the chaplain do? So I asked one of the receptionists sitting there. She said that he comes in, takes one look at the senate and … prays for the country.

Now this I could understand.

Our leaders in Washington keep throwing money at the problems in hopes that by throwing more money, they can fix it. The thing they don’t seem to understand is that the problem in this country is a moral one. And there is not enough money in the world to fix a moral problem …this takes a heart change!

This is a heart issue and only God can deal with the heart.

In conclusion,

Did you hear about the visitor to a hospital’s maternity ward? He stopped by the babies’ cribs and asked one of them how old he was. To the man’s amazement, “the infant said he was three days old.” "Well, where did you come from?" sputtered the man. The baby replied matter-of-factly, “that he was the product of his parent’s intimate relations.” “How could you possibly know that?" He asked. "Well”, answered the baby, "I wasn’t born yesterday."

And with the way the government is introducing sex education into the classroom at earlier and earlier ages, maybe it won’t be long before every baby knows. My point is that a child should have an opportunity to experience the innocence of life before they are molded into a servant of the government.

You think about that.

Les Asrouch
665 Edgefield Dr.
Marion, Ohio 43302