Grace Grace unmerited Grace

In our lecture program last week we discussed grace, and I said yes, grace has showed up in each of the other dispensations as well, and grace was poured out in it’s full from the moment God created Man, but in our present dispensation we can more clearly see how it covers all of our failures.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that everything that exists, the very universe, all exist within God. Yet He is small enough to fit into our hearts… It’s a God thing!

The first verse in the Bible is, “In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth” I believe one of the most asked questions about this statement is when did He create them?

One of the things I have come to understand is, even before He created the Heavens and the Earth, He had created other things. For the Bible tells us that our names were written down in the Lambs book of life before the foundation of the world. (Rev 17:8 “The beast you saw is one that used to be and no longer is. It will come back from the deep pit, but only to be destroyed. Everyone on earth whose names were not written in the book of life before the time of creation will be amazed. They will see this beast that used to be and no longer is, but will be once more”). So before time as we understand time, existed with God, and only as He understands time.

Job tells us in, Job 38:7 while morning stars sang, and angels rejoiced? And all the sons of GodAngels – called the sons of God from their resemblance to him, or their being created by him. Shouted for joy that is, they joined in praise for so glorious a work as the creation of a new world. They saw that it was an event which was fitted to honor God.

It was a new manifestation of his goodness and power; it was an enlargement of his empire; it was an exhibition of benevolence that claimed their gratitude. The expression in this verse is one of uncommon, perhaps of unequaled beauty. The time referred to is at the close of the creation of the earth, for the whole account relates to the formation of this world, and not of the stars. At that period, it is clear that other worlds had been made, and that there were holy beings then in existence who were of such a rank as appropriately to be called “morning-stars” and “sons of God.” It is a fair inference therefore, that the “whole” of the universe was not made at once, and that the earth is one of the last of the worlds which have been called into being.

So just how long before God created the Heavens and the Earth? We just don’t know. But we do know that He has granted us some seven thousand years in what we refer to as 7 dispensations of time.

The Dispensations are. Description of the Dispensations. Lasted about.

The Dispensations are.

Description of the Dispensations.
Lasted about.
1. Innocence Adam & Eve in the garden. 70 years +/-
2. Conscience After the fall. 1920 years +/-
3. Human Government Under Nimrod after the flood. 574 +/- years
4. Promise Given through Abraham 430 years +/-
5. Law Given through Moses. 1006 years +/-
6. Grace By Jesus the Christ 2000 years +/-
7. Millennium The reign of Christ on Earth will last 1000 years.

Each dispensation allowed man to draw closer to God, after he had sinned in the garden. We are in the 6th dispensation, called grace, and it will last until the rapture of the Church. The most important act of Grace was the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. His death on the cross was not a tragedy but a triumph. Think with me for a moment, every sin that you ever committed was judged at the cross, and you were found guilty, and the condemnation was placed on Jesus, but here is where it gets tricky, this is only true if you have asked Him into your heart and made Him Lord of your life. (Why not do that right now?)

To fully understand this, I can say without a question, No One will ever go to hell because of sin! The only reason someone would go to hell is because they did not open their heart to the forgiveness of Christ Jesus on the Cross, and allow His shed blood to cover their sins.

As I said earlier, before the foundation of the world, He had already written your name in the Lambs book of Life, and our responsibly is to make sure it does not get blotted out, by not asking Him into our hearts.

On the cross just before He gave up His Spirit into the Fathers hands, He said “It is finished”. These words “It is finished” meant that any and all sins are covered by His Blood if we ask Him into our hearts. What is so sad is that many will end up in hell in the lake of fire because they think belonging to a church or doing good works will count for salvation, not understanding that only those that have asked Jesus Christ into their heart are saved.

Why not take just a moment right now and say this prayer, Jesus, I now understand what you did for me on the cross, forgive me and come into my heart, and I will make you Lord of my life, I pray this prayer in Your Holy name.

In the middle 1800 a man by the name of Simon Greenleaf (1783- 1853) was the Royall Professor of Law at Harvard and considered one of the greatest legal minds in Western history. In his Testimony of the Evangelists, Greenleaf stated:

The religion of Jesus Christ aims at nothing less than the utter overthrow of all other systems of religion in the world; denouncing them as inadequate to the wants of man, false in their foundation, and dangerous in their tendency. It is not only solicits the grave attention of all, to whom its doctrines are presented, but it demands their cordial belief, as a matter of vital concernment.

These are no ordinary claims; and it seems hardly possible for a rational being to regard them with even a subdued interest; much less to treat them with mere indifference and contempt. If not true, they are little else than the pretensions of a bold imposture, which, not satisfied with having already enslaved millions of the human race, seeks to continue its encroachments upon human liberty, until all nations shall be subjugated under its iron rule.

But if they are well-founded and just, they can be no less than the high requirements of heaven, addressed by the voice of God to the reason and understanding of man, concerning things deeply affecting his relations to his sovereign, and essential to the formation of his character and of course to his destiny, both for this life and for the life to come… Amen and Amen

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